• Roaches – Over 15 kinds of cockroaches are found in South Carolina, but only a few of these may be found in your home.

Small Cockroaches. German cockroach and brownbanded cockroach.

Large Cockroaches. The American, the smokybrown, and the oriental. These cockroaches are normally found outdoors, but they can live inside.


• Ants – Carpenter Ants, Acrobat Ants, Argentine Ants

• Spiders – Poisonous spiders of South Carolina include; The widow spider and the Recluse spider

• Earwigs – There are 22 species of earwigs found in the United States.

• Millipedes – There are many different types of millipede. Black and red species several inches in length are often seen and pose no danger or threat as a pest. These large millipedes should be left alone.

• Silverfish – Three species of silverfish and one firebrat species are found in South Carolina. Silverfish and firebrats are very similar in appearance.

• Rodents – Rats and mice cause serious damage to all kinds of structures if they are allowed access to them. Damage by rodents has been documented in homes, apartments, hotels, office complexes, retail businesses, manufacturing facilities, food processing and warehouse facilities, public utility operations (especially power and electronic media operations), farm and feed storage buildings, and other structures.

• Fleas – Fleas thrive during our warm, muggy, South Carolina summers. If you allow your pet access to both the house and the yard, you should be resigned to the fact that fleas will probably be a problem.

• Ticks – There are about 80 different kinds of ticks in the United States. Most of them are not associated with humans or their pets.

Wood ticks – The name wood tick is used for many ticks including the blacklegged or deer tick, lone star tick and American dog tick. These are usually found in woodland areas.

Brown dog tick – The brown dog tick can be a nuisance in the home. It is one of only a few ticks that will infest a structure.

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